➤ Current and future projects

karribu projects

A list of current and future projects that I am currently involved in that range across several platforms from basic CG work (modeling, texturing, animating) to writing, drawing, web coding (HTML 5 & CSS3 only). I'm not going to lie, most of these will be on the shelf for a while but the active ones will be updated often.


➤ Software tutorials for blender, Gimp etc...


Basic and noob-friendly tutorials for various software. Be sure to contact me if you need something specific, and if I know the answer I'll make it into a tutorial. I'm good like that...


➤ Some of my works from various projects

karribu gallery

Image gallery of various projects. Mostly 3D in nature made with Blender 3D, although there are some digital paintings in there too.


➤ Free software and packs for you to use


Here you will find the files used in most of my projects and tutorials. These range from texture packs and UV grids to HTML and CSS code snippets for you to use.


➤ A list of free and paid software/hardware that I use


A list of resources I regularly use or have used. The vast majority of these are open source and free to use although there are some paid products too. You will be informed which are which.


➤ Stay up to date with my progress

karribu blog

This is where you can stay up to date with my latest workings as a lot of progress doesn't make it onto this site until it's completed. This is also where I talk my jibber jabber....fool.