Hello! I'm a hobby Digital artist who primarily works in 3D but I'm currently trying my hand at 2D digital art in the form of a web comic called Dreaming Moon. Although I have nothing against paid products, I tend to use Open Source software and as such heavily rely on Blender for my 3D work, Krita/Gimp for my 2D painting and Natron for compositing. I'm a Sci-Fi and fantasy nerd which means all of my personal projects are of this nature. My commercial work is spread out over a wider range of topics.

I'm still very much a novice in all of these topics and am on a personal journey to create something that can one day be viewed by millions online, be it a webcomic or sci-fi video.

My favourite comics/manga are Berserk, Akira, Watchmen, Deadly Class and The Authority.

My Favourite films/TV/Anime are Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049, One Punch Man, Rising Of The Shield Hero, Ghost In The Shell and Patlabor.