• RISE -

    Sci-Fi Short in which we focus on Peter Puzanov, a worn out cop who is doing his best just to stay afloat in an ever degenerating city. Heavily inspired by Blade Runner, the best film ever.

  • Battle For Ash -

    Short space-opera influenced by Babylon 5. Earth must fight off an invading force which has already enslaved the rest of the younger races, but after its last war, the human race no longer has the means to fully protect itself.

  • BAY 13 -

    Sci-Fi Horror. The 'Damn Goose' land on a remote research station during a storm to find it deserted. With a damaged ship, the race is on to escape the increasingly hostile area.

  • Odessa 10-4 -

    Delivering cargo in the future is not for the faint of heart. It's also not the most 'high IQ' reliant job. Follow our band of merry people as they try their best not to blow the universe up.

  • Buildings (commercial work) -

    Creating 3d models for use on a website which sells garden sheds, greenhosues and offices. Ongoing long term work.