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Web Series

  • Odessa 10-4
  • ➨This is the current project I'm working on about a group of space truckers.

  • Empire 7
  • ➨A very exciting project for me involving a group of rebels living on the edge of space.

  • Fall City
  • ➨A four part manga style series from different perspectives. The characters take on a dangerous mob boss, each in their own way.

  • Dying to Live
  • ➨Live action series about a hitman who has the help and torment of beings from the 'other side'.

  • Find The Humans
  • ➨Animation series in the stlye of Adventure time about a group of robots who are searching the cosmos for their makers.

  • Jonas
  • ➨Probably the biggest project of all. Post asteroid Earth suffers under a dark and lonely sky.

Web Coding

  • karribu
  • ➨The site you are looking at now. Click to know a little more.

  • Alien Milkshakes
  • ➨My entertainment site about sci-fi, fantasy and super hero type news.

Online Comic

  • Fall City
  • ➨Fall City but in a more lengthy web comic format.

  • Find The Humans
  • ➨Find The Humans but in a short web comic format.

  • City 108
  • ➨Lengthy web comic about what a super group would look like if the written universe wasn't governed with delicate gloves.

Short Films


  • Paper Moon
  • ➨Novel about a group of youngsters who find a portal to another world in the forest.

  • Parallax
  • ➨Short story about two satellites, each at different ends of the milky way.

  • Anima
  • ➨Currently on the back-burner. Futuristic cyborgs fight to find the truth about the world they live in.

  • Princess Lilly
  • ➨Collection of short stories based on the tales I tell my daughter at bed time.


  • Karribu
  • ➨Crappy album I did over ten years ago.