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Alienmilkshakes is an experiment of mine that involves a personal interest in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Comicbook hero's. I'm planning on keeping it going for a year to see what kind of organic traffic I can get with some social traffic thrown in. Just like karribu.com it won't be advertised.


It is built with Wordpress using a child theme based off the twenty-sixteen platform. I tend to try and stay away from wordpress when possible as I don't like the bloat it brings, unfortunatley the kind of website that Alienmilkshakes is, means that I need a CMS especially as I try to upload an article every 2-3 days.


I don't dislike Wordpress at all, I just think that it shouldn't always be the go-to option without trying a HTML5 site first. I would really like feedback, so if you're interested contact me.


You may have noticed that I used LuLu-C from the Find the Humans project in the header logo :) Just another tool we have at our dispposal when using multiple platforms.


I use Wordpress to build Alienmilkshakes.com.


  • Screenshot of alienmilkshakes website