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City 108: Web comic made with Blender and Gimp

City 108 will be a web comic about a group of super hero's that lack the ethics of your typical Marvel or DC group. I've tried to base it on what I think ordinary people would do if they were given powers.


It will be made with Blender's toon shader to give it a hand drawn element with the characters and sets completely 3D. Gimp and perhaps Krita will be used to touch it up and try to get rid of any element that makes it look 3D.


The story is your typical 'post apoc' setting where entire countries have been wiped off the face of the planet and mega-cities have taken their place as the main hubs. Corporations now rule, not governments and they employ 'post humans' to do battle against rival corps. These meta humans are augmentated by the corporations and are in service against their will, with the threat of explosives implanted in their head to go off if they disobey (highly original I know).


I've actually had this idea in my head for around a decade. I was planning to do it in 2D, but with the arrival of Blender in my daily works, there's no real reason to make life any more difficult for myself as drawing the human figure is not exaclty one of my strong points, but modeling one is a little more forgiving.


  • Grey

    - Normal looking man with super strength and hyper reflexes, turns into a warewolf if you get him mad.

  • Mai

    - Small girl who can materialize energy shields, also has a huge guardian from another dimension guarding her.

  • Kyrie

    - She can fly via robotic wings grafted into her back, is also ambidextrous and has a switch-blade on each forearm.

  • Gregory/Sereena

    - A shapeshifter who switches personality depending on how it feels or the job at task.

  • Virus

    - Can infect people with a temporary condition to make them suffer in various ways.

*These names will most probably change in future & there are a ton more characters.


I will use Blender, Gimp and Krita to make City 108


  • City108 placeholder image