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Empire 7: Space Punk web series

Empire 7 is another web series, but unlike Odessa 10-4 it has a much more gritty tone. On the sentient spaceship Latent Dawn a crew of outlaws, criminals, soldiers and people who are just lost, fight to stay one step ahead of the law who are hot on their trail. Empire 7 is set some time in the future from Odessa 10-4 in the same universe.


The known worlds are in a state of decay and only the territories tended to by the Federation stand any chance of prospering. Unfortunatley this comes at the cost of ones freedom, something the group doesn't want to give up. Their journey is made even more difficult when a man from the distant past suddenly turns up in a cryo-pod. He's a burden for some of them, a potential profit for others.



  • Crash Carter

    - A man who dissapeared on an early long range warp test and turned up far into the future.

  • Faüst

    - A dangerous merc who has been injected with highly advanced 'enlightened' nanites making him almost impossible to kill.

  • Ransom Naylor

    - Captain of the Dawn, fair and level headed. Took Crash on board when others objected.

  • Jeff

    - An alien species and the pilot of Dawn, also a good mechanic. Resembles a bald pale upright koala with an attitude.

  • Chen

    - Powerful telepath who is on the run from the main enemy of the federation and all life in the galaxy, Necromancers. Calm and collected with a dark past.

  • Sara

    - A monk of the fourth order who was taken on board when her ship was being attacked by pirates.

  • Malcolm

    - An advanced AI from the outer federation systems. On the run from the federation, fearing a brain wipe to make sure sensitive data doesn't get into the hands of the federations enemies.

  • Dawn

    - A heavily augmentated human whose race holds their bodies in suspended animation while their minds enter highly advanced space vessels.

*These names will most probably change in future.


The main tools being used for Empire 7 are Blender, Gimp, Audacity and Natron and Krita, with possible use of Mari for more detailed texture work. There will be video updates when we reach cetain milestones but for now there are only some very early W.I.P pictures and videos.


  • Necromancer destroyer made in blender 3d
  • Concept image for the necromancers
  • Side view of the necromancer destroyer
  • Basic blender 3d necromancer ship model
  • federation spider cannon