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Fall City: Sin City Style Animation and Web Comic

Fall City is a two-part project. The first is a bi-weekly comic strip on a sub domain here where I will post all of my web comics. The second is an anime style animation spanning an episode for each character, then a finale for the wrap up, making five episodes in all. The web comic will be going for as long as I can keep up with it.


In a run-down city a group of individuals on a lone path take on a mob boss in their own way. Brute force, speed or shadow magic help them take on the bad guys in the hopes of thwarting their plan to open a 'demon well' in the center of the city.



  • Rosie

    - On a mission to save her mother who has been taken control of by the crime boss's mysterious helper 'Proxy'.

  • Shade

    - Detective Shade. Left the police force when his powers to shift through shadows started to draw attention from his friends on the force.

  • Fastrack

    - Young man with increadible reflexes and enhanced speed. Fancies himself as a vigilante.

  • Richard Strong

    - Spends most of the day drunk to dull the pain of losing his loved ones. Has immense strength.

  • Proxy

    - Real identity is unknown. Uses the body of others to do his will.

  • Mr Handsome

    - Can suck the life force out of his victims to extend his life.

  • Fat Man

    - Has 'enhanced' his body to digest a whole human being over the course of days.

  • Big Boss

    - The crime boss of Fall City. His true motivations are unknown.

*These names may change in future.


The main tools being used for Fall City are Blender and Gimp for the comic with the added benefit of Audacity for the animation.


  • Hallway scene made in blender 3d
  • Toon shader on hallway scene
  • Hallway scene in Fall City
  • Ebony and Ivory are Rosies swords
  • Close up of the toon shader in effect
  • Outside scene with blender