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Find The Humans: A cartoon and comic project

I'm a huge fan of Adventure time and I really wanted to creat something similar in blender as a short series for Youtube/Vimeo. I've been playing around with Blender's toon shader and have managed to get some acceptable results. I just need to get the animation down better which will also help for the animated 'Fall City' which will be a little more unforgiving.


The Humans have dissapeared from the galaxy and their servant AI's have started to explore and live life for themselves. A small group can't live without answering the question, where did the humans go? They travel across the cosmos in search of clues to find their former masters. Zorg and his robots have different plans and do not want to look for the humans in case they try to enslave him. He will do anything to stop the small group from looking.



  • LuLu-C

    - A former maid. A mature and brave robot who looks after the smaller BuBa.

  • BuBa

    - Small entertainment system bot. Brave, sometimes a little too brave for his size but packs a powerfull suprise up his sleave.

  • Little Johnny 4

    - BuBa's little suprise.

  • Rory

    - Huge and powerful, he used to be a demolisher bot. He aids his friends on their journey, protecting them from enemies.

  • Zorg

    - Robotic overlord supreme commander of the Static Alliance. Will stop at nothing to stop BuBa and the crew.

*These names will most probably change in future.


The main tools being used for Find The Humans are Blender and Gimp. Audacity will be used for the animation.


  • Toon stlye render of LuLu-C in Blender 3D
  • LuLu-C image for alienmilkshakes logo
  • Early design of Zorg made with Blender 3D
  • BuBa looking into water