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Jonas: A huge live action sci-fi series.

Jonas will be the biggest project I will probably ever partake in. It's important that I get as much knowlege in my head through trial and error so that when I come to this, I will be at the best I can be. It is a huge live action series with a ton of special effects needed to accomplish the feel needed for the world.


Jonas is set in the future after an aseteroid collision is averted but it's fallout has reduced the Earths surface to an uninhabital crater. Colony ships took off before the rain but those that were left behind were turned into giant cities. This story takes place in the city Sanctuary (temporary name).


Peter Straczynski has transfered police departments in his persuit of Jonas, a scientist wanted on greivious charges of human rights abuse. Every time he gets close to finding where Jonas is, the trail goes cold. Norman has come to the city from abroad in the hopes of finding a better life for himslef only to find his path meets up with Peter's on more than one occasion.


The main tools being used for Jonas are Blender, Gimp, Audacity and Natron and Krita, with possible use of Mari for more detailed texture work. There will be video updates when we reach cetain milestones but for now there are only some extremely early W.I.P pictures and a concept video of the giant city ships trying to leave orbit.


  • Close up of Earth made in blender 3d
  • Concept image Peter's cop car
  • Concept cop car Blender 3D