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Karribu: Past, Present & Future

This will be the fourth incarnation of karribu.com. The very first version was wordpress based with the standard basic theme. It was slow (wordpress hosted on a standard account can work but there are times it's not good), bloated and didn't look very nice. If i knew about child themes back then, it might have been different. The second version was a huge mess of html and css jumbled together which, for a time, worked well but changeing anything was a complete pain.


Version 3 was a temporary holder and that's all it was ever supposed to be, however it did last a year. Basic html with minimalistic look and incomplete pages. You can see this version in a screenshot below.


On to version 4! I'm still not 100% satisfied with it but who ever is satisfied with their personal projects right? It's (hopefully) responsive, completely HTML5 and CSS3 made with a better flow of css for changing things in the future. I hope to grow the site over time , adding tutorials and images to the galley. I'm toying with adding a message board in the future but have had bad spam experiences in the past. I would really like feedback, so if you're interested contact me.


I use Notepad++ to build karribu.com.


  • Screenshot of the old karribu website