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Odessa 10-4: Comedy web series

Odessa 10-4 is a youtube/vimeo comedy web series project which was until recently, called The Haulers for a long time. It is a collaboration work with Johnny Rook about a group of haulers along with their on-board AI who take on whatever work comes their way, no job too big. Their ship The Fat Betty is a reconditioned drone warship from days gone by and is falling into disrepair and by all rights, shouldn't even be sailing the stars.


There will be several series planned with a half hour pilot followed by ten to fifteen minute long episodes and will follow the crew through a story arc which will cover the entirety.

Although there are no names yet for the characters, they are loosley fleshed out and we are getting a better idea of the direction the show is going week by week.



The main tools being used for Odessa are Blender, Gimp, Audacity and Natron, with possible use of Krita for more detailed texture work. There will be video updates when we reach cetain milestones but for now there are only some very early W.I.P pictures and videos.


  • The Fat Betty - Made In Blender 3D
  • Newer Fat Betty - Made In Blender 3D
  • Betty's Rhino engines - Made In Blender 3D
  • Betty with her engines fitted - Made In Blender 3D